2017-2018 NHL Hockey Pool Entry

The Curling Club’s Hockey Pool Fundraiser for the 2017-2018 NHL Regular Season is underway!

The Hockey Pool is easy to enter, and doesn’t require you to be a hockey guru! Simply select players for your team based on player statistics or use any creative method that you can think of!

Below is the form to use to create your team. Bring your completed entry forms along with the $10 entry fee to the St. Adolphe Curling Club AGM on September 20th, or submit them to any Curling Club Board Member (listed below) before October 4th. Once the NHL Regular Season begins, you will be able to access the pool online to see how your team is doing relative to everyone else in the hockey pool, and you will begin to receive daily email notifications of your team’s statistics. Or if you do not wish to follow along throughout the season, simply sit back and wait for a phone call in April if your team makes it to the top 3 (or comes in dead last!)!

Over $1,200 in prizes were paid out last year!

Please share this with friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who may be interested in participating in this fundraiser for the St. Adolphe Curling Club!

Board Members:
Kerry Schwark, Danielle Milette, Sue Carriere, Tammy Evason, Dan Chevrier, Eric McGillivray, Serge Lemoine, Jim Lagasse, Jeff Anderson, Chantal Lagasse

Hockey Pool Entry Form