2021-2022 League Champions

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Men’s and Mixed League Champions!

Men’s League:
Team Dillabough, A-Side Champs
Team Strand, B-Side Champs

Mixed League:
Team Schwark, A-Side Champs
Team Lagacé, B-Side Champs
Team Plessis, C-Side Champs

Team DillaboughMens League A-Side Champs
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Open Bonspiel Results, Feb.19-21, 2022

We’ll that was quite the weekend at the St. Adolphe Curling Club Open spiel. Mother Nature threw us quite the curve balls this weekend but thankfully we were able to curl every game! Saturday night had a great time with the One Man Band (Grant).
Here are the winners:
A side -Team Desjarlais
B side – Team Allen
C side – Team Lagassé

Blind Calcutta Winners ($132.50/ea):
A-Tanya Waddell
B – Joe Fouasse
C -Tanya Waddell

50/50 Winners ($75/ea):
Gilles Rondeau
Lindon Meilleur
Chantal Lagasse

A shout out to the board members that went over and above their call of duties to make sure this bonspiel was a success! Thank you Kerry Schwark Danielle Milette (he had to redo the draw several times this weekend because of the weather/road closures) Tanya you are a rock star. Jeff and Dan thanks for all your help. Jimmy you made sure the bar was stocked.
That’s a wrap thank you to all the teams who participated!
Successful weekend!

2021 Grey Cup Fundraiser Winners

Congratulations to the following St. Adolphe Curling Club 2021 Grey Cup Pool Winners:

End of 1 st Quarter: West 4 – East 0
Correct $200.00 – Teresa Seidler Reverse $100.00 – Maurice Carrier

End of 2 nd Quarter: West 7 – East 10
Correct $200.00 – Guy Dupuis Reverse $100.00 – Leonne Lafond

End of 3 rd Quarter: West 10 – East 19
Correct $200.00 – B. Adair Reverse $100.00 – Henri Lagasse

Final Score: West 33 – East 25
Correct $1000.00 – Shannon Daulby Reverse $200.00 – Kristina Gordon

Score Changes: $25.00 each
Tim Chevrier East 00 – West 03
Serge Lemoine East 00 – West 07
James Pearson East 03 – West 07
Jeff Leclerc East 09 – West 07
Walter Rea East 10 – West 10
Brittany Morrison East 16 – West 10
Walter Rea East 17 – West 10
Tara Chammartin East 22 – West 10
Elmer De La Cruz East 22 – West 13
Dylan S. East 22 – West 19
Kait Allen East 22 – West 20
Tara Chammartin East 22 – West 21
Don Meilleur East 22 – West 24
A. Rea East 22 – West 25
Linda Baudry East 25 – West 25
Roger Gagnon East 25 – West 31

Mickey Spiel Results

Our Mickey Spiel was a success! Thank you to all the teams who participated to make this such a fun day!
Here are the winners:
A event Team Lagassé (Christmas cocktails will be good)
B event Team Schwark (Cheers to Mickey’s)
C event Team McGillvray (Father/son team)
Congratulations to the winners!



2021 Mickey Spiel

2021-2022 Season Update

Hello members of the St. Adolphe Curling Club and residents of St. Adolphe and surrounding communities,

Our Curling Club Board has started to meet and we are planning for the worst but hoping for the best for our upcoming season. We are planning to start our curling leagues the week of October 18th!

In accordance with current public health orders, everyone entering the curling club must be fully vaccinated in order to protect our members.

Registration forms will be available shortly on our website. Please register your team by October 1st.

Hoping to see you back on the ice for a full curling season!

St. Adolphe Curling Club Board

2019-2020 Hockey Pool Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019-2020 Regular Season Hockey Pool!

1st Place: Allison Lecoq, Team name: Raje; 25% = $690
2nd Place: Adam Huberdeau; Team name: Habs year; 15% = $414
3rd Place: Fernanda Franco; Team name: Fernanda; 10% = $276
Last Place: Terry Tucker; Team name: Tuck1; $10

Thank you to everyone who entered a team in our pool and supported this important fundraiser for the curling club!