2023 Grey Cup Winners

Congratulations to this year’s Grey Cup Pool Winners!

Ticket Holder – Payout – Amount
Dave Milette – Low Score – $ 25
Dave Smith – High Score – $ 25

Davey Moroz – Score Change – $ 25
Terry Zimmerman – Score Change – $ 25
Danick Boisjoli – Score Change – $ 25
Danick Morin – Score Change – $ 25
Sheldon Bouchard – 1st Quarter Score – $ 200
Kevin Paquin – 1st Quarter Reverse Score – $ 100

Garrett Queue – Score Change – $ 25
Howard Jesierski – 2nd Quarter Score – $ 200
Doug Wahl – 2nd Quarter Reverse Score – $ 100

Mike Lane – Score Change – $ 25
Michelle Fedoruk – 3rd Quarter Score – $ 200
Stan Hilderman – 3rd Quarter Reverse Score – $ 100

Sylvie Cote – Score Change – $ 25
Rob Milette – Score Change – $ 25
Ger Gagnon – Score Change – $ 25
Luc Robert – Score Change – $ 25
Doug Checkley – Score Change – $ 25
Winston Petrie – Final Score – $ 1,000
Nichole Shore – Reverse Final Score – $ 200

AGM & Registration Night: Sep.14th

Our Registration Night and AGM is Thursday, Sep.14th., at the Curling Club! Registration at 7:00, followed by the AGM at 7:30.

Registration forms can be found on our website, which includes the league fees for the coming season. Please contact us if your team is looking for extra players, or if you are a curler looking for a team to join, we will try to match you up. The club is working towards having a mid season Double’s League if we get enough teams, no details on fees, time and dates yet. If you are interested in taking the lead on such a league, please contact us.

We will be accepting nominations for Board Members for our volunteer Board of Directors during Thursday’s meeting. We have some vacancies on the Board that need to be filled, so if you have considered joining in the past, now would be a great time to step forward! If you have interest in or questions about becoming part of the Board or if you would like to volunteer at the club without taking on a Board Member role, please reach out to us or stop by the Club on Thursday and talk with us before or after the meeting!

We will be running our Grey Cup, Hockey Pool and Bartenders Delight fundraiser again this year, stay tuned for info on those and we are very excited to announce we received a grant to get all our rocks refinished, therefore we will be having a rock handle fundraiser, more details to follow soon.

Finally, we are looking for any old pictures of the club in particular when it was being built and/or various bonspiels throughout the years, if you have anything you would like to donate or let us copy we would love to have it. There is a lot of history in this club and we would hate to lose it.

Hope to see you on Thursday Sept 14th (PS: the bar will be open!)
St. Adolphe Curling Club.





2022-23 Hockey Pool Fundraiser Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022-23 Hockey Pool Fundraiser!

First place: “Team BC” – Bauer Milette $335
Second place: “Honey Badgers” – Darren Skelton $201
Third place: Tim Evason $134
Last place: “ShanSue” – Sheila Strutt $10

Thank you to everyone who supported the club by entering a team in the pool!

ūüŹíūüŹíūüŹí GO JETS GO!!! ūüŹíūüŹíūüŹí

2022-2023 League Champs

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 League Champs!

Men’s League:

A-Side, Team Dillabough
B-Side, Team Morin
C-Side, Team Brochard

Mixed League:

A side champs: Team Lagassé
B side champs: Team Schwark
C side champs: Team Allen

Congratulations to the winners!
See you all next year!

Men's A-SideTeam Dillabough

2022 Grey Cup Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Grey Cup winners!

1st quarter correct Julien Lemoine            200
1st quarter reverse Tom Nykoluk               100
score change Mike Houvardas                    25
score change Carleigh Collier                     25
score change Serge Lemoine                     25
score change Adam Huberdeau                 25
2nd quarter correct Kolby Woods             200
2nd quarter reverse Daryl Wiebe              100
score change Bea Ladacacos                     25
score change Nick Stelmack                       25
score change Brendan Juer                         25
3rd quarter correct Heather Paetkau        200
3rd quarter reverse Sean Baldwin             100
score change Tim Evason                            25
score change Jason Dillabough                  25
score change Manny Campanico               25
correct final Mike Lane                             1000
reverse final Pam Lapointe                        200
0-0 Bonnie Dumontier                                  25
29-29 Brent McCrea                                      25

Winners of the 2021-2022 Hockey Pool Fundraiser

Congratulations to the winners of the St. Adolphe Curling Club’s 2021-2022 Regular Season NHL Hockey Pool Fundraiser!

1st Place Team, with a payout of $367.50: Max Stewart

2nd Place Team, with a payout of $220.50: Jamie Penner

3rd Place Team, with a payout of $147: Dave Littleford

And coming in last place, for a payout of $10: Ernie Neufeld!

A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Hockey Pool Fundraiser! The Curling Club appreciates your support!

St. Adolphe Curling Club