Re-stock your Wine Cellar Bonspiel

A great day of curling was had by all on Saturday, in our first ever “Re-stock your Wine Cellar Bonspiel”!

Thank you to everyone who came out, and congratulations to the following teams:
A-Side Champions: Team Schwark
B-Side Champions: Team Lagasse
C-Side Champions: Team Phaneuf

Junior Curling – Hit, Draw, Tap Competition

What a great day on Saturday at the club for our Hit, Draw, Tap competition!! Thanks to the nearly 40 kids who came out!! And congrats to the following who have qualified for Regionals (date & location TBD) by placing in the top 3 in their age category!!

6-8yo: Wyatt Ferguson, Ben Chevrier, Maric Ziegler, Kohl Lecoq, Andrew Cooper and Griffin Ouimet (there are no tie-breakers at the club level)

9-10yo: Arianne Ziegler, Nyah Theoret and Nathalie Delaquis

11-13yo: Dayton Christensen, Joel Hartnett and Sadie Schwark

Congrats as well to Jaxon Peters who got the top score in our 14+ category and won a $25 Subway gift card!!

We had a blast!! Thanks everyone!! Check out our Facebook page for pics of the day!

Men’s & Women’s Regional Qualifiers

Great weekend of curling for Team Meilleur and Team Lagassé who represented the St. Adolphe Curling Club in the Men’s and Women’s Regional Qualifiers in La Salle this weekend!

Congratulations and good luck to Team Lagassé who earned a berth in the Travelers Provincials in March 2019!!

Men’s Bonspiel

Congratulations to the winners of each event in our Men’s Bonspiel this past weekend!
1st Place A-Side: T. Normandeau (Calcutta won by team Schwark)
1st Place B-Side: J. Lagasse (Calcutta won by team Lemoine)
1st Place C-Side: H. Doerksen (Calcutta won by team J. Lagasse)

Thank you to all the teams that entered the bonspiel!

Hockey Pool Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the St. Adolphe Curling Club’s 2017-2018 Regular Season NHL Hockey Pool:
1st Place, with 1,521 points, receiving a payout of $897.50, “The Jimmies”
2nd Place, with 1,503 points, receiving a payout of $538.50, “Overtime”
3rd Place, with 1,495 points, receiving a payout of $359.00, Rob Morin
Last Place, with 1,111 points, receiving a payout of $10, Brian Knight

League Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Men’s League Finals:
A-Side: D. Meilleur
B-Side: R. Lecoq
C-Side: S. Lemoine

Congratulations to the winners of the Mixed League Finals:
A-Side: J. Lagasse
B-Side: D. Nolette

Playoffs are Underway!

Men’s and Mixed League Playoffs are underway!

Men’s League Playoffs Mar.6th and 13th, with Finals (and League Wind-up) on Mar.20th
Mixed League Playoffs Mar.2nd and 16th, with Finals (and League Wind-up) on Mar.23rd