2019 Grey Cup Fundraiser

Congratulations to all of the winners from our 2019 Grey Cup Fundraiser!

Ticket Holder                    Prize
Gloria DeSpiegelaere   $25
Stephanie Skarzynski    $25
Monty Kehler                    $25
Ray Timlick                         $25
CP Pelletier                        $25
Brent McCrea                   $200
Sue Carriere                      $100
Anthony Barenz               $25
Les Carriere                       $25
Dave Dyck                           $25
Lori Laurencelle                $25
Brian Adair                          $200
Phil Davies                          $100
Al Wardle                             $25
Chris Rutkowski               $25
Walter Rea                          $200
Joyce Harnet                     $100
Henry Schnerch               $25
Denise Dupuis                  $1,000
Marty Zalizniak                $100

Progressive 50/50 Winner, October

The Curling Club is running a Progressive 50/50 Fundraiser throughout the season in support of purchasing an AED for the Curling Rink! Tickets are sold throughout the month and on the last league curling day of each month a winning ticket is drawn. The winning ticket wins 25% of the month’s ticket sales, 25% goes into a pot which will be drawn during our Wind-up, and 50% goes to the AED Fund! All tickets sold throughout the month, including the month’s winner, will be entered into the draw to be made at the wind-up for the accumulated pot!

Congratulations to “TEAM NOLETTE” on their win of $138.75 for the October draw!

Thank you to all who have supported the fundraiser to date!

2019/2020 Registration Night & AGM

Registration Night for the 2019-2020 season will be held at the ST. Adolphe Curling Club (327 St. Adolphe Rd.), on Thursday, September 5th, 2019, at 7:00pm, followed by the Annual General Meeting at 7:30pm.

The St. Adolphe Curling Club Board is actively seeking Board Members. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in joining the Board, or have questions about what it would entail, please contact us at

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sep.5th!

2018-2019 NHL Regular Season Hockey Pool Winners

Team Meilleur, 1st Place with 1649 Points, payout of 25% = $762.50
Team “The Jimmies”, 2nd Place with 1621 Points, payout of 15% = $457.50
Team “Hanson Brothers”, 3rd Place with 1619 Points, payout of 10% = $305
And Team “Urine Trouble” in last place with 1207 Points. Payout of $10
Total number of Hockey Pool entries was 305, at $10/ea.
Club proceeds are 50% of total, deduct $10 last place team = $1515 (minus licensing and printing costs)

Thank you to everyone who entered our Hockey Pool Fundraiser! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Bartender’s Delight Draw Winners

Congratulations to the following three winners of our Bartender’s Delight fundraiser:
1st Place: Darren Peters, $700
2nd Place: Rollie Boucher, $450
3rd Place: Bradley Pinkerton, $200

Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser for our Curling Club!

Brier Calcutta results

Congratulations to the winners of our Brier Calcutta Fundraiser!

Total income from the Brier Calcutta was $685.
Winner of Gold/Silver Game @50% = $342.50 (“Brier Girls”)
Winner of Bronze Medal Game @15% = $102.75 (Rachelle Moroz)
Last place Team @10% = $68.50 (split two ways between Rob Levesque and “Schwark-Men’s Team”, $34.25/ea)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser!

2019 Mixed Bonspiel

Congratulations to the following teams:
Team Lagasse: 1st place, A-Event
Team Desjarlais: 1st place, B-Event
Team Gendreau: 1st place, C-Event

And a huge THANK YOU to all of the teams that participated in the bonspiel, along with the spectators, those who helped out over the weekend, and of course to the karaoke singers who kept us entertained on Saturday night! It was another great bonspiel – hope to see you back next year!

Re-stock your Wine Cellar Bonspiel

A great day of curling was had by all on Saturday, in our first ever “Re-stock your Wine Cellar Bonspiel”!

Thank you to everyone who came out, and congratulations to the following teams:
A-Side Champions: Team Schwark
B-Side Champions: Team Lagasse
C-Side Champions: Team Phaneuf

Junior Curling – Hit, Draw, Tap Competition

What a great day on Saturday at the club for our Hit, Draw, Tap competition!! Thanks to the nearly 40 kids who came out!! And congrats to the following who have qualified for Regionals (date & location TBD) by placing in the top 3 in their age category!!

6-8yo: Wyatt Ferguson, Ben Chevrier, Maric Ziegler, Kohl Lecoq, Andrew Cooper and Griffin Ouimet (there are no tie-breakers at the club level)

9-10yo: Arianne Ziegler, Nyah Theoret and Nathalie Delaquis

11-13yo: Dayton Christensen, Joel Hartnett and Sadie Schwark

Congrats as well to Jaxon Peters who got the top score in our 14+ category and won a $25 Subway gift card!!

We had a blast!! Thanks everyone!! Check out our Facebook page for pics of the day!